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There are many different types of fire extinguishers and even more different brands and models. Choosing the correct fire extinguisher for home or work is very important. Below are the different types and the hazards they're used for.

In order to choose the proper fire extinguisher, you first need to figure out the hazard it will be protecting. 






Class "A" - Used on fires with combustible materials, such as wood and paper. The numerical rating for this class of fire extinguisher refers to the amount of water the fire extinguisher holds and the amount of fire it will extinguish. (ex. 2A).

Class "B" - Should be used on fires containing flammable liquids, such as gasoline, oils, or grease. The numerical rating for this class of fire extinguisher states the approximate number of square feet of a flammable liquid fire that a non-expert person can extinguish. (ex. 40BC).

Class "C" - For use on electrically energized fires. This class of fire extinguishers does not have a numerical rating. The presence of the letter “C” indicates that the extinguishing agent is non-conductive.

Class "D" - Are designed for use on flammable metals and are specific for the type of metal hazard. These extinguishers have no rating as they are for specialty use.

Class "K" - These new type of fire extinguishers are for use in a commercial kitchen. Its content and usage is similar to the fire equipment protecting the cooking appliances. There is no rating for this extinguisher.


This is a standard written to establish a criteria for the testing of Pre-Engineered wet chemical fire systems for the protection of commercial cooking equipment. This standard was originally written in 1959 and has been upgraded several times. The most recent upgrade took effect on November 21, 1994.

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The dedicated contractors at Fire Extinguisher Service Center can install and maintain fire suppression systems to protect your establishments from fire. Give us a call today at 503-231-0535 and find out how you can take advantage of our services. We look forward to hearing from you! For your convenience we provide 24-hour emergency support services.